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San Antonio Selfie

San Antonio Selfie

A mother’s love for her child never dies. Even when the child dies.

My name is Terri, I am a mother, a bereaved mother, a wife.

North Wind Photos is the love child of our grief and a fierce desire to create something of beauty to honor our sons, one dead, one living. It is our desire to bring color and hope into the world through our art, to see life’s colors through a different lens.

Photography is a life line for me in the dark and scary places of child loss. Soaking myself in the natural beauty of our world brings a peace to my soul that only happens behind the camera.  Doug and I have discovered that planning and going on photo shoots restores our souls and brings a renewed energy to our life.

Justin believed that beauty could change the world. So do we. It is our hope that with every card or print, your heart is touched by the vibrancy of life.

You can read more about our journey at Back of the North Windwhere I write about our experience of child loss and learning to live, and even laugh again. Justin’s story can be found by clicking here.