Ethereal Blue Poppies

We wait 364 days to spend the day with the blue poppies at Longwood Gardens.  Three years ago we made our first trip to Longwood. I was at one of my darkest times, the third year of child loss is excruciating. My breath caught at the sight of so much natural beauty. The colors and textures of the flowers provided a respite for my soul. I noticed that the effect of a day in the gardens lingered, I could draw on the memory of radiant petals and sweetly scented air to carry me through a day.

This trip we were able to spend all day with the poppies, starting early in the morning and returning to catch the late afternoon sun.  Photography allows my heart to tell a story in pictures. I hope you enjoy the story of our visit with the poppies.

If you click on an image, a larger image will appear and you can view the next image by clicking the arrow that will appear on the right side of the photo.

Wishing you a peace filled day.

2 thoughts on “Ethereal Blue Poppies

  1. Beautiful! Your captures are stunning! Didn’t get to Longwood for the orchids (But I got to Paris, so I can’t complain!!!) am hoping to get there again soon. Maybe with a new camera!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Deirdre for taking the time to visit and write! Your Paris trip looked amazing! I hope you have a beautiful spring and perhaps with a new camera!

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