We spent an enchanting morning with the owls of the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia.

A quick icy snow left tiny ice sculptures on the petals of our still blooming roses. Winter magic.

A perfect spring day spent in the midst of Cherry Blossoms.

Sometimes shy, sometimes bold, watching the interactions between animal families has deepened my love and awe for our world.

Nature holds endless surprises. Wondering what I am going to discover next keeps me looking through my lens.

Our first trip to Shackleford Banks was pure serendipity. Everything worked to create the perfect day. We were greeted by a wondrous small band of wild horses.

My favorite part of summer is when the bumbles and butterflies arrive. I love to stand with the bees buzzing around me as I try and capture their antics gathering pollen.

A dream come true to wander and photograph the Spanish Missions of San Antonio. I can close my eyes and still feel the walls and see the balance of the architecture.

Few things are as exciting as viewing the bands of wild horses on the far northern beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Their horse magic stays with you for a long time.