Mysterious Magical Owls!

While attending our first Nature Visions Expo, we had the opportunity to take a class with Denise Ippolito. Denise is not only an extraordinary photographer, but she is a kind and generous instructor. We had the great privilege of photographing owls rescued by the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia. I was entranced by the majesty of these birds and sometimes forgot to focus on taking pictures. They were breathtaking. If you click on the highlighted text above, you will be taken to the various websites to learn more about their work and programs.

I hope you enjoy the gallery I have curated from our morning class with Denise. Owls make me smile, they are comical and yet, mysterious.

I am working on a note card collection featuring these magical creatures. I invite you to view my Etsy store to see my current stock of colorful greeting and note cards.


8 thoughts on “Mysterious Magical Owls!

  1. Wow these are gorgeous!!! You captured this owls soul, oh the thoughts and stories his eyes tell!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Terri for the gift of your time to visit and view my photos. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!

    1. Thank you so much Katy! I truly appreciate the gift of your time to view my blog post.

  2. Mom always loved owls. Owls and wolves. They both carry a deep mystery in their eyes. Your pictures are stunning. Such talent!

    1. Thank you so much Tena. Yes, I think it is the mystery that draws me to these magnificent creatures.

  3. Amazing pictures, Terri. I read about your site on Emily Carter Mitchell’s blog about her visit to Longwood Gardens. Emily is another wonderful photographer I have been following for awhile. Now I will be adding your blog to those I am inspired by. Thank you for sharing your beautiful owls. ~Carolyn Lingenfelter (aka Trail Walker)

    1. Dear Carolyn,
      Thank you for the gift of your time and your lovely note! I just visited your blog and photo gallery, we are kindred spirits! We are foster parents for All Shepherd Rescue, we love dogs also. I always stop to visit with any dog that I can when out and about. And we love to photograph the same things, birds, nature, beauty. Your images are beautiful and so full of life and color. I am so glad to have met you and added your blog to those I follow. Looking forward to your next trail walk.

      Wishing you a peace filled day.

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